Copenhagen Suborbitals BPM 2 Rocket Test

Earlier today (April 12th 2015) a live stream on youtube could be followed where Copenhagen Suborbitals, the worlds only amateur space program, tested their BPM 2 rocket engine. It doesn’t get much more nerdy than this!

Editorial note: I have just added video links to the individual tests below, so you can click directly into each of the four conducted engine burns. Also, the LIVE VIDEO STREAM link below now goes to the full length recorded test event.

bpm2-test-engineThe rocket engine motor under test today: Bi-Propellant Motor with 2 Kilo Newton thrust. Next to be tested is the new BPM 5 engine (5 Kilo Newton), and eventually they will get to a 100 Kilo Newton rocket engine – that’s going to be a blast!
LIVE VIDEO STREAM (link to recorded full length video now)

Direct video links for: Test I, Test II, Test III and Test IV.

Test I

Update: 16:57 Aw… No ignition on first test (see images below).
See video of CopSub BPM 2 Test I here (link to youtube).

Preparation for Test II

Update: 16:59 They are now resetting to try again.

Update: 17:02 Approx. 30 minutes to next test.

Test II

Update: 17:25 Successful test run conducted (see images below), engine ignited for a short duration. Final test to happen soon.
See video of CopSub BPM 2 Test II here (link to youtube).

Preparation for Test III

Update: 18:00 The final test is almost ready to be conducted. This test is expected to be so forceful that it will destroy the engine test tube, as it will be running on pure ethanol and not a mix of ethanol and water (plus a special additive in test 2) as in the previous tests.

Update: 18:27 Problem with the LOX valve is currently delaying the final test.

problems-with-lox-valve still-problems-with-lox-valve

Update: 18:36 Too much LOX in the tank, 5 minutes delay while the tank is vented.

Update: 18:44 Final test just had a burst disc failure one of the tanks. The burst disc should now be replaced and hopefully then the final test can be conducted soon.

Update: 18:54 The burst disc has been replaced. I bet NASA does that in the same way.

burst-disc-being-replaced ready-for-final-test

Update 19:00 Starting count down.

Test III

Update 19:00 That was indeed worth the wait! Full throttle 😀
See video of CopSub BPM 2 Test III here (link to youtube).
(Around mach 2 exhaust was hit)

we-have-lift-off-sort-of engine-off

Test IV

Update 20:09 An extra test was scheduled to retry the failed first run. This time everything went as planned.
See video of CopSub BPM 2 Test IV here (link to youtube).

rocket-engine-test-4 test-4-close

Congratulations to Copenhagen Suborbitals on the successful tests today! It was both exciting and inspiring to follow.