Acronyms can be tricky

DDT? DTD? TDD? I’m not sure if they have to do with pesticides, document type specifications or development methods. I’ve seen them all mixed thoroughly together in various work situations that’s for sure.

My take on the different acronyms have led me to what I would like to call a development culture maturity metric (or “DCMM” from now on; copyright, trademark, and patent pending of course) for a software development team/company/enterprise/…:

  • DDT
    • Don’t do tests.
    • Develop, defer tests.
  • DTD
    • Develop tech debt.
    • Don’t test, deploy.
  • TDD
    • Test during deployment.
    • Test driven development.

There are many more I’m sure. Skip all of them, except the last. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.